Evolving Coral

A documentary series

The first time a whole ecosystem will be engineered to survive climate change.

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Evolving Coral

A documentary series

Evolving Coral, a documentary series, follows Benjamin Alva as he develops the technology and processes to save coral reefs at scale. His first application is targeting the microbiome inside coral. By sampling the most resilient elements and directing the evolution of this microbiome, coral reefs around the world will be able to survive in our  ever warming oceans.

Lead Scientist

Benjamin Alva

Research collaborator with NASA Ames Research Center and doctoral candidate in Bioengineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). His work has focused on synthetic cellular biology, from bio-manufacturing platform development for Mars to waste processing synthetic microbial communities. Explorers Club member.

The Approach

Benjamin is developing the technology to preserve and restore marine ecosystems and expand the productivity of marine industries at scale. He is accomplishing this by leveraging natural marine microbiomes to create regenerative probiotics that work with the habitat to restore ecological function and increase its tolerance to climate change and human impact.

Through the use of cutting-edge culturing methods and high-throughput technologies, his probiotic engineering platform allows for rapid testing, analysis, and probiotic assembly. Learn more at azulbio.com.

... the most important thing that we can do to save and restore coral reefs is to protect what remains of those that are already in good condition...

Follow the production team on the journey.